Our History

Siuslaw Family Connection was born out of a deep sense of purpose and a heartfelt commitment to address pressing community needs that emerged as the world emerged from the challenges of COVID-19. As the Siuslaw community began to navigate the uncertain terrain of a post-pandemic world, it quickly became apparent that there were critical issues that demanded our attention and collective action. These were needs that, for an extended period, had remained unattended and hidden from view. To understand how we've evolved to become a driving force for positive change in the Siuslaw Region, we are providing a narrative of the challenges we have tackled and continue to confront.

A Lack of Awareness of Resources

One glaring issue was the lack of awareness regarding the wealth of available resources designed to support and uplift our community members. Vital services and assistance programs existed but remained hidden in the shadows, leaving many families unaware of the lifelines that could ease their burdens and enhance their lives.

A Gap in Activities for Families

As we navigated the post-pandemic landscape, our community encountered a noticeable void in activities catered to families with young children, particularly those aged 0-6. Prior to the pandemic, we were fortunate to have a vibrant library that offered enriching experiences for children. Additionally, other organizations occasionally provided special events for children. However, in the wake of the pandemic, the swift resumption of these programs proved challenging. The absence of enriching experiences for these young ones left families longing for chances to strengthen bonds, support early childhood development, and forge enduring memories.

Advocating for Miller Park's Transformation

Furthermore, we couldn't ignore the pressing need for advocacy to ensure that Miller Park, a beloved community asset, could undergo the necessary renovations to become a safe and inviting space for younger children and their families. The need to transform this cherished park into a haven for play, learning, and community building was evident.

Our Mission Takes Shape

It was in this backdrop of unmet needs and untapped potential that Siuslaw Family Connection found its purpose. Our mission crystallized: to offer free, engaging activities to the children of the Siuslaw Region and to guide families toward the resources that could empower them to lead more fulfilling lives. Moreover, we aimed to bridge the gap between families and their communities, nurturing a more family-centered and tightly-knit Siuslaw Region.

Siuslaw Family Connection stands as a testament to the power of collective action, the value of awareness, and the potential for transformation when a community comes together to care for its own. Our journey has just begun, and our commitment to serving and strengthening the Siuslaw Region remains resolute. Join us in our journey to build a brighter future for the Siuslaw Region—one family, one child, and one resource at a time.